Sales and Marketing. A proactive approach that attracts and retains profitable customers.

How do you attract and keep the most profitable customers? How do you set goals for sales activity and retention? How do you grow the business in spite of the weather or economic environment?

You do it by proactively identifying and seeking out customers and utilizing the LandOpt sales process.

LandOpt’s proactive sales approach gives you an edge over the competition because it:

  • Provides a measurable solution to ensure continuous sales activity and progression of prospects through the buying cycle.
  • Allows you to sell solutions, not just products and services.
  • Fosters customer relationships and creates a culture of customer care that is second to none.
  • Ensures a predictable revenue stream based on balance of maintenance and project work. 
  • Improves cash flow through advance billing for services that are under contract.
  • Provides reliable reports that let you better plan, manage and forecast sales activity.
  • Generates new leads through the pipeline of satisfied customers.