Unlimited Coaching

We call it Success Coaching for a reason. 

Our Success Coaches are not consultants. They are business professionals who partner with you to help transform your business.

When you become a LandOpt Licensee, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Success Coach who will work directly with you from day one, guiding you every step of the way.

Your Success Coach will make sure you understand the LandOpt System, and address your unique business challenges. With the help of your Success Coach, you’ll be able to focus your energy in the right places at the right time.

Success Coaches do not make decisions for the company, but train key managers to make decisions based on LandOpt’s proven systems and processes.

The results of Success Coaching.

  • More satisfied workforce because the organization is operated on proven systems, rather than being dependent on the owner.
  • Organizations learn to use proven tools to expand the business through new service offerings or additional locations.
  • Standardization in sales and delivery of services leads to increased effectiveness.
  • A strong relationship between the Success Coach and the Licensee grows over time as the Licensee is continually challenged to achieve the next level of success.