How to Become a Successful LandOpt Licensee

Before you become Powered by LandOpt, we want to ensure we know each other well and that you understand the commitment that’s required to transform your organization. This is accomplished through a mutual evaluation process that typically takes 40-60 days.

It’s important that we look at your organization as closely as you are looking at ours since not every contractor is a fit to become Powered by LandOpt. Because you will have exclusive rights within your geographical territory, we want to ensure that you have the company culture, passion and drive necessary to be part of the LandOpt Network.

In turn, we will also educate you on our company culture, drive and passion to transform organizations such as yours. You’ll learn about our services and fee structure, and will have the opportunity to interact with various members of the LandOpt team in addition to talking to and/or meeting some of our Network contractors.

Introduction: It all begins with a one-hour introductory meeting with your company leadership and owners at your location. You’ll gain a baseline of information and learn about the culture and results of being Powered by LandOpt, after which we'll mutually determine if the fit is right to move forward in the process.
Transformational Analysis: Based on a commitment to move forward, you will be invited to conduct an online analysis. The analysis will introduce you to one of our HR products, and helps us understand more about you.

Education: Once we agree that there is mutual benefit for our organizations, we will meet at your location for a deeper dive into the Solutions and Outcomes of being Powered by LandOpt. One of our Subject Matter Experts will explain the "How" of what we deliver, as we also continue to learn more about you and better understand your business.

Business Diagnostics: Based on the outcome of the deeper dive, you may be invited to submit your past financial statements, performance reports, ownership structure and strategy. By taking this step, our confidential business diagnostics will prepare both of us for your upcoming meeting in Pittsburgh.

Discovery: We want you to meet your future peers because this gives you the opportunity to hear first-hand what it’s like to be Powered by LandOpt. During a full one-day meeting, you’ll meet one-on-one with a LandOpt Service Provider who can openly share experiences and outcomes.
Visit Us: Welcome to Pittsburgh for a two-day meeting. This is your chance to meet and interact with LandOpt professionals in each of our business segments, including Product Development specialists and Success Coaches. At this time we present the deliverables you can expect during your early days of being Powered by LandOpt and the cost of your investment in Business Success.
Kick Off: There are many exciting items ahead! Your Success Coach will be on-site for the journey, helping you work through each milestone as you transform your business into a Powered by LandOpt Service Provider.

Ready to Become Powered by LandOpt?