Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LandOpt?

LandOpt is a Dynamic Service Organization that nationally licenses the use of the proven business systems and processes, providing an exclusive territory based solution that raises business performance ahead of the competition. For the first time ever, landscape contractors have access to proven business systems and processes that support the four key pillars of any service organization. Those pillars include: Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management, and Business Management. They are implemented and supported by our team of Success Coaches, who are responsible for the journey of transformation for each Powered by LandOpt organization.

This solution provides the foundation for businesses that leverage systems rather than the owner, allowing for improved quality of life and business success previously regarded as unachievable. 

Is LandOpt a consulting firm or software company?

LandOpt is neither. We have developed a business operating system that incorporates components of technology, processes, systems, and professional development all supported by superior and ongoing implementation services. 

Since 2006 LandOpt has been leveraging a third generation business solution specific to the landscape contracting industry. The first two generations focused on the HVAC and Electrical industries. Hundreds have attended professional development provided at the LandOpt training center in Pittsburgh, where, industry team members are trained on the implementation of LandOpt’s proven systems and processes.

What is Success Coaching?

Success coaching is focused on the business, its team and owner, its processes, and its sales and marketing. It is a critical component to the transformation journey of a licensee organization that is Powered by LandOpt. Experiences of the business owner are added to the LandOpt proprietary systems. Through coaching and accountability the Success Coach guides the organization to profitable, sustainable success. 

It is difficult for business owners to keep pace with all of the changes and innovation in today’s business environment, while simultaneously focusing on sales, systems, planning, and team development. Success Coaches have taken the journey many times, guiding organizations through each step of the transformation.

What is a business operating system?

A business operating system is a fully-developed set of procedures, standards, and documentation that ensures a well-defined, consistent execution of the business functions for the four key pillars of an organization. The business operating system ensures a consistent interface and hand-off between the operating groups of the business, and supports the continuing professional development of the organization's human resources.

Does LandOpt purchase companies?

No. A company transforms into a Powered by LandOpt organization. This means that your organization will become part of a powerful network of successful landscape service providers that speak a common language and are empowered with our proven LandOpt business operating system. More and more every day, customers are recognizing this national branding and understanding that partnering with a Powered by LandOpt service provider results in a professional and consistent service experience.

Who should become Powered by LandOpt?

LandOpt partners with qualified, regionally based landscape contractors that have an open mind to transform their organizations. The LandOpt solution is not for every organization. They must be willing to receive coaching and apply LandOpt’s proven systems. Companies must have the drive to meet goals, desire to operate in multiple locations, aspirations to achieve net profits above industry standards, and willingness to build a sustainable legacy by leveraging the systems and not lay all pressure onto the shoulders of the business owner. 

Powered by LandOpt organizations across the US are dedicated to pursuing the LandOpt vision of providing world class business operating systems. Partnered companies experience the transformation of where the cottage industry meets the managed process, as other service industries have in the past. 

How does LandOpt know the horticultural practices of each area of the US?

It is not LandOpt's goal to know all of the idiosyncrasies of horticultural practices across the country. Rather, we identify locally owned and operated landscape contracting companies that are operationally sound, which would benefit from the application of our proven, repeatable processes and systems. 

May a company adopt parts of the LandOpt System?

The LandOpt System is a comprehensive, holistic approach that relies on all of its parts to achieve its desired output. Choosing to implement a mere subset of the system will not achieve the desired results. 

What does the investment include?

The investment to become Powered by LandOpt includes unlimited access to LandOpt business resources, such as systems, videos, audio, and process documentation, via our secure online center. These are just some of the necessary components provided to a Powered by LandOpt organization. A Success Coach will be onsite to walk the company through each critical and strategically planned step for success.

Training is another critical piece provided by LandOpt. Organizations have unlimited access to instructor-led training in the Pittsburgh facilities. Teams experience live role play scenarios for sales and customer retention activities, and many other interactive topics. Trainings provided in Pittsburgh, webinars and other educational events are available almost every week of the year.